If you are customer looking for service for a product marketed by Simba, please click here to visit our dedicated Customer Service site.

If you are Distribution Partner looking for service for a product sold to you by Simba, please click here to visit our dedicated Partner Portal.

Simba Service is our award winning Customer Service Response Team, and is at the heart of our value proposition to our clients. At Simba, we believe that total customer satisfaction is only achieved, when a good quality product is supported by attentive and responsive customer care and after sales service.

Whether you are an end user of one of products, or a Channel partner, we strive to ensure that you receive the best customer service experience available in Nigeria.

Each of our products and services are supported by Simba Service

We provide service through our own team and through trained technicians nationwide

We have engineers and technicians who undergo rigorous training by the manufacturer

They provide a range of services from site inspection to system maintenance

We provide training and support to mechanics/engineers, via our Service Kamps initiative

Simba is the winner of the ‘Best Customer Satisfaction in Nigeria’ Award, presented by Capital Finance International – a UK based media outlet. The panel concluded “By placing the customer at the heart of its many operations, Simba Group has managed to attain that rarest of corporate accomplishments: to equate the brand name to a generalised awareness and sense of superior quality.”