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Wandel International assembles, markets, distributes and services the TVS King, a three wheeler vehicle (tricycle) that is manufactured in India by TVS Motors Ltd. Wandel has an extensive network of service centres nationwide, which support the industry leading vehicle in Nigeria.

TVS King has made waves across the industry, and is a result of years of innovation, with every feature outperforming global industry incumbents. TVS King benefits the rider (in terms of functionality and maintenance), the owner (in terms of returns and efficiency) as well as the passenger (in terms of comfort and safety).

At the heart of our offering is a commitment to quality and service, and the tremendous success of the vehicle in Nigeria is indeed testament to that. A key part of achieving this is through our training of thousands of mechanics and engineers based in every part of the country.

Wandel International is a leading player in the motorcycle industry in Nigeria. Over the last two decades, we have represented leading global manufacturers to market and service their vehicles across the country. Today, we exclusively partner with TVS Motors Ltd of India to assemble, market, distribute and provide service for their range of motorcycles.

Our partnership with TVS dates back to 2006, and extends to motorcycles as well as three wheelers. TVS Motors is the second largest two-wheeler export manufacturer from India and one among the top ten in the world.

We have a training centre located at our factory in Ikeja, Lagos which is responsible for training thousands of mechanics and automobile engineers from across the country.

Bicycles is where our story started, and thirty years later we still remain the leading bicycle company in Nigeria. Having exclusively represented brands such as Phoenix, Hamilton, Deepak and Unistar through the 1990s and early 2000s, we have penetrated every corner of Nigeria with our one-stop wholesale-shop for bicycles.

Today we offer the market, Simba Cycles – a range of cycles that represents our thirty year understanding of the Nigerian bicycle user and it’s no surprise that we are number one! Our range includes a comprehensive portfolio of cycles, ranging from kids bikes, to Mountain Bikes, BMX, as well as so-called ‘traditional’ cycles.